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Characteristics of Pulp Washing Defoamer

The washing solution is always a mixture. The pulp contains natural substances such as fatty acids and resin acids, which react with cooking liquor and black liquor chemicals in the chemical pulp washing process to generate fatty acid soaps, fatty acid soaps and other foaming substances. Therefore, a large number of foams will be generated in the pulp making process, which will bring great difficulties to subsequent work such as cleaning, transportation and bleaching, causing laitance or reducing the pulp quality. Therefore, the pulp must be defoamed in the pulp washing process.

In the pulping process, the defoamers currently used are mainly hydrocarbon defoamers and silicone emulsion defoamers. Hydrocarbon defoamers are mainly composed of amides and minerals. However, the instantaneous foam breaking speed of hydrocarbon substances in papermaking is better than that of silicone defoamer, but its foam inhibition performance is poor, reed pulp is not suitable for use, and has a certain impact on human body and the environment. However, although ordinary silicone is better than hydrocarbon defoaming and foam inhibition, its performance degrades rapidly under strong alkali and high temperature conditions, so its dosage is relatively large.

YCK Company has developed strong alkali and high temperature resistant silicone defoamer, which has two advantages. Compared with traditional defoamer, it has better sustainability. With a small amount of addition, it can play an excellent defoaming and foam inhibition effect. The amount of use is only one fourth of that of ordinary silicone defoamer, greatly reducing costs and side effects, and has no pollution in the later period. In addition, the defoamer can improve the water discharge of the pulp pad by significantly reducing the air intake and the foam caused. It can quickly eliminate the foam generated by lignin and other surfactants, and has obvious effect in pulping, pulp washing, paper sizing, and rapid defoaming.

Characteristics of Defoamers for Papermaking

The defoamer for paper making developed and produced by YCK Defoamer is specially designed for the foam in the paper making process of the paper industry. The foam problem of the product in the paper making process must be solved, otherwise it will seriously affect the stability of production and the quality of paper. In the paper making process, defoaming and foam inhibition are the most important, because once the gas content in the pulp (by volume) reaches about 0.5~1.0%, it must be controlled, otherwise it will cause paper breaking, white water level fluctuation, pump frequency fluctuation, etc; YCK paper making defoamer has a strong defoaming and inhibiting effect on white water. It can quickly remove the fine bubbles entrained between fibers, eliminate the foam floating on the surface of the pulp, and the air that can be dissolved in the pulp. At the same time, it can eliminate the blisters on the water surface, eliminate the impact of bubbles on the process, avoid the formation of holes, reduce paper breaking, do not overflow the pulp storage tank, and ensure the loss of fibers and wet end chemicals. The paper has a better uniformity, The quality has been greatly improved.

Pulp washing and defoaming agent DF-873/874/804: It is used in alkaline pulping, alkaline pulp, paper washing, bamboo pulp, sugarcane pulp, neutral pulping, pulp, paper washing, pulp rinsing, screening, bleaching, water treatment, design for foam control in the black liquor washing production line of pulp industry, and defoaming agent used in the production of vegetable fiber pulp,


1. Excellent continuous defoaming capacity at low dosage

2. Excellent defoaming and breaking properties

3. Quickly and thoroughly improve filter drainage

4. It has good mutual solubility with black liquor and is suitable for the production conditions of pulp mills

5. Improve rinsing efficiency;

6. Contribute to dehydration, reduce the moisture content of pulp, and reduce energy consumption in evaporation process;

7. Reduce salt loss and improve pulp and paper quality;

8. Reduce the amount of bleaching chemicals to meet environmental requirements.

9. Biodegradable, non-toxic and harmless

Defoamer DF-480/851/805 for papermaking:

Defoamer for papermaking is applied to white water for papermaking; Eliminate the surface foam containing rosin gum and remove the bubbles adsorbed on fibers in water. The foam on the surface of water containing modified starch white water system and the bubbles adsorbed on the fibers during dehydration are eliminated. Eliminate foam in water containing polyacrylamide retention aid system. Eliminate the surface foam of white water system containing AKD emulsion and the bubbles adsorbed on fibers during dehydration. Starch gelatinization. Other processes that cannot use organic silicon.


1. Our company specially designs a new type of efficient defoamer composed of high fatty alcohol, polyether and efficient defoamer

2. Fast defoaming speed and long foam inhibition time;

3. It has good dispersion, dynamic defoaming, excellent defoaming and foam inhibiting performance, and does not contain silicon

4. Good product stability;

5. It is a new generation product in the paper industry.

Defoamer for coating sizing: DF-482/483/851: Defoamer for coating sizing is used for coating and sizing of paper coatings, coating coatings, printing newspaper after calendering, deinking washing, defoaming and degassing in paper coating polymer system, coated paper, pulp defoaming, paper surface sizing and pressing process, glue, defoaming in coating process, defoaming generated by deinking process, use of paper machine wet end, and degassing and defoaming in paper production process.

Features: It has strong defoaming and antifoaming functions, does not contain mineral hydrocarbons, is conducive to environmental protection, and has good compatibility with foaming media; The effect is stable during the storage period. The utility model can quickly and cleanly eliminate a large number of harmful foams generated when the papermaking coating passes through the pump, screen and coating process during the air knife and scraping force coating. This product will not change the consistency of the coating. In the coating process, it can quickly and cleanly eliminate small bubbles without producing pinholes, spots and fish eyes, ensuring the quality and beauty of the coated paper. The special compound foam inhibitor and defoamer is simple to use, free of resin obstacles, and does not contain amino compounds, silica, silicon, oil and other chemical components that cause resin obstacles. It plays a strong role in foam inhibition and defoaming in various temperature ranges.