Tips on orange peel prevention

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Orange peel appearance

The paint film produces orange peel like blocky effect due to poor leveling.

Orange peel (also called poor leveling)


• The paint film is too thick

• Poor quality thinner or incorrect proportion of thinner

• Improper spray gun setting causes poor atomization

Prevention and correction

• Select the appropriate diluent and use the correct dilution ratio

• Apply the correct spraying technology and select the correct spray gun to spray the finish paint

• Do not dry the paint film by blowing, as this may cause the surface to dry before leveling

• If orange peel has occurred, when the paint film is completely dry, polish it with appropriate wax. In serious cases, polish to smooth surface and then polish, or recoat with correct thinner and spraying technique

Recommended products:

Acrylic acid polymerization leveling agent: MFPL, MFPG52S, MFPT

Reactive functional group acrylic acid polymerization material leveling agent: PW336 (water-based), MFAOH

Polyester polymerization logistics leveling agent: PSL2000

Silicon free substrate wetting leveling agent: X043, X080, XO73, X074