Introduction to feel agent

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The auxiliary agent that affects the hand feeling effect in the finishing agent is called hand feeling agent, and its main component is emulsified wax. The results of the study on the formula of hand sensitizing agent show that the best formula can be found with less experiments with the help of “uniform design and optimization” software. The optimum formula is: 14113 g paraffin wax, 2156 g microcrystalline wax, 1102 g diffusing agent, 6150 g fatty acid, 0194 g emulsified silicone oil, Tween – 80 1192 g, 2147 g penetrant, 2100 g turpentine oil, and 100 g water. The hand feeling agent has stable performance and is fully miscible with other finishing agent components. The finishing agent prepared by adding this feel agent has been tested in the leather factory and achieved good results. It can not only increase the proportion of feel agent used in the finishing agent, but also make the finished leather delicate, bright and natural. In the factory’s experiment process, the board is not sticky, and when the addition amount reaches 6%, there is no whitening and delamination.