Functional display of silicone leveling agent

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With the development of China’s economy, the export of Chinese furniture has occupied an important position in the world trade, which corresponds to the rapid development of high-grade wood coatings. Various strong polar polymer resins and solvents with high surface tension are used more and more widely. With the development of high quality and high performance wood coatings, people pay more attention to the smooth leveling agent with small amount and great effect. Among them, polyether modified silicone oil is the most widely used leveling agent with good smooth flow effect in the coating industry. It can reduce the surface tension of the coating, reduce the surface tension gradient of the coating film, prevent the formation of Bernard dimples, improve leveling and luster, reduce the interfacial tension between the coating and the substrate, improve the wetting of the substrate, and reduce the film surface diseases such as shrinkage cavity.

A considerable part of domestic auxiliary enterprises are mainly agents, lacking the ability of product development. In recent years, BYK, EFKA, TEGO and others have poured into China, which has a great impact on the domestic auxiliary industry. At present, the imported silicone leveling agent has been widely used in high-grade coatings such as automobile paint and furniture paint, occupying most of the market share.

Smoothing and leveling performance test of paint

Silicone leveling agents are mainly modified silicone oils with different structures. A series of leveling agents with different properties can be obtained through structural changes. The performance of silicone leveling agent mainly focuses on the following aspects: leveling, compatibility (transparency in varnish), film smoothness, low foam stability, anti adhesion, substrate wettability and anti shrinkage. The following table lists the performance summary of several of our representative products.

Table 1 Comprehensive Performance Summary of Silicone Leveling Agent

Variety Leveling Compatibility Slippiness Low Foam Stability Shrink proof Anti adhesion Substrate Wetting Remarks

XHG-230 4 4.5 5 2 5 3 4 can be recoated

XHG-230P  3  3  3  5  2  2  3

XHG-2333  5                 5

XHG-237 4 4 5 4 4 4 can be recoated

XHG-2410  2  4  5  2  5  4  5

XHG-2432  4  4  4.5  3  4  3.5  4

XHG-2450 4 5 5 2 4 3 5 can be recoated

*XHG-245  5  5  1  2  5  1  5

*XHG-270  4  3  1  4  4  2  4

*Leveling Wetting Agent for Aqueous System

When selecting the leveling agent, it is necessary to select the leveling agent according to the formula requirements, so as to achieve optimal performance and avoid side effects, so as to achieve balance.