YCK First Debut at ABRAFATI 2023 Coatings Exhibition in São Paulo, Brazil: Products on Display

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During November 21st-23rd, 2023, There will host a highly anticipated ABRAFATI coatings exhibition in São Paulo, Brazil. The ABRAFATI exhibition will provide a rare network platform for the coatings industry, attracting exhibitors and professional engineers from all over the world.YCK Chemical Shanghai Technology Co., Ltd, a leading industrial coating additives manufacturer, will announe its first show into Brazil at the ABRAFATI exhibition and will definitely bring much-anticipated highlights.

YCK Chemie is committed to the development and production of high quality coating products with advanced technology and professional team. At the exhibition, YCK Chemie will showcase its latest innovative additives products and solutions, including environmentally friendly coatings. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience the excellent performance and superior quality of YCK coatings.

As an international enterprise, YCK focuses on establishing close cooperative relationships with customers. During the exhibition, YCK's professional team will have in-depth exchanges with customers, suppliers and industry experts to share experiences and insights. In addition, YCK will also provide personalized solutions to help customers solve challenges in various coating applications.

YCK's participation in the exhibition marks its active exploration and development of the Brazil's market, and also demonstrates its leadership in the global coatings industry. The exhibition will provide visitors with an opportunity to learn about YCK and its innovative products, while also providing a platform for parties in the industry to communicate, learn and cooperate with each other. We sincerely invite you to visit our booth: H03 and explore cutting-edge technologies and development trends in the field of coatings.

-Event: Abrafati 2023 coating exhibition in São Paulo, Brazil
-YCK Chemie, Booth Number:H03 
-Date: Nov. 21st-23rd, 2023
-Products on display

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