Yike Chemical Launches Wetting Leveling Agent YCK-1520

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Recently, Yike Chemical introduced the wetting leveling agent YCK-1520, which is a fluorocarbon modified high molecular weight compound.

Features and Benefits

The outstanding characteristics of wetting leveling agent YCK-1520 are as follows:

Special polymerization technology, high fluorine content polymer.

The optimized combination of monomers makes them have a wide range of compatibility with various resins and unstable bubbles, and provide coating engineers with the best choice for good substrate wetting for anti shrinkage and rapid leveling.

Proper high molecular weight design ensures that YCK-1520 does not affect the recoating line. Recommended for solvent based paint systems.

With excellent substrate wetting ability, it provides the fastest leveling speed and the best anti shrinkage ability of leveling agent.