YCK participated in the 2015 Conference on Innovative Technology Application of Industrial Coatings

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On September 8, 2015, Shanghai – The “2015 Conference on Innovative Technology Application of Industrial Coatings”, hosted by PCI Shanghai, China, was held in Crowne Plaza Guangzhou Center from September 8 to 9, 2015. With the theme of “transformation and opportunities of environment-friendly industrial coatings”, the conference discussed and exchanged ideas on the production and coating of UV and water-based coatings. Ms. Ning Miao, Mr. Qi Xiang’an, Mr. Yang Jianwen and other experts were invited to the conference to make special reports. The conference was divided into main venue and two sub venues, water-based and UV curing. At the same time, a small exhibition was held, attracting more than 300 guests to fully communicate and interact, and achieved complete success.

Main venue

The main venue on the morning of the first day was presided over by Mr. Gu Guangxin, an associate professor of the Department of Materials Science of Fudan University and the Advanced Coating Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education.

Ms. Ning Miao, associate researcher of the Environmental Planning Institute of the Ministry of Environmental Protection of Beijing, looked forward to the implementation of VOCS pollution charge policy and environmental tax, and thoroughly degraded the background of the introduction of the pilot VOCs pollution charge method, the policy framework of the pilot VOCs pollution charge method, the accounting method of VOCs emissions from industrial coating, the VOCs environmental tax outlook and other contents, which were unanimously praised by the participants.

Mr. Qi Xiang’an, Vice President and Chief Engineer of Sany Heavy Industry Research Institute, discussed the issue of paint coating integration, including how to define “paint coating integration”, why it is needed, who will take the initiative to promote it, the difficulties faced now and how to do it in the future, etc.

Mr. Wang Xiaojun, Deputy General Manager of CNNC Huayuan Titanium Dioxide Co., Ltd., gave a speech on the application characteristics of CHTI R-216 titanium dioxide in outdoor coatings. It includes the role of titanium dioxide in coatings, and gives vivid examples of R216 design mechanism and performance.

Zhang Gengjian, senior application technology manager of Aiseli China, introduced color data and its application in detail

Water special session

Xu Jie, Department of Materials Science of Fudan University and the Advanced Coating Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education, made a speech on the preparation and performance research of two-component waterborne polyurethane engineering machinery top coat, including the application status and development direction of engineering machinery coatings, the difficulties in the development of waterborne polyurethane coatings for engineering machinery, and solving the drying and bubble problems of waterborne polyurethane coatings.

Mr. Xu Jun, Technical Service Manager of Newbase Resins China, explained the water-based resin technology for metal protection and decoration, focusing on Newbase’s water-based technology, as well as the application of water-based technology in different metal protection fields in the market, providing references for formulators to select multi-purpose technology categories, including single component low-temperature drying system, two-component low-temperature drying system, paint baking system, etc.

Ms. Zhang Xiaoni, technical service chemist of OMG Company, introduced OMG water-based coating additives, including wetting dispersants, rheological additives, water-based driers and catalysts, as well as surface additives, focusing on the application recommendations of water-based coatings.

Mr. Tang Zheng, Marketing Manager of Cabot Asia Pacific Region, introduced Cabot’s raw material solutions for water-based coatings, including the latest generation of highly dispersible water-based special carbon black, MONARCH ® 880 medium pigment carbon black, CAB-O-SIL ® Gaseous silica series products, CAB-O-SPERSE ® Aqueous dispersion, etc.

Zhang Tao, the technical manager of Zhejiang Namei New Materials Co., Ltd., explained the selection criteria of color paste for water-based coatings. The selection of color paste for water-based coatings should consider pigment particle size, viscosity, dispersant, defoamer, etc. He pointed out that when the amount of color paste is high, the dispersant or dispersion resin in the color paste will have an impact on the resin crosslinking reaction in the paint, which should be focused on in floor paint, wood paint and industrial paint.

UV venue

Mr. Yang Jianwen, Chairman of the Radiation Curing Professional Committee of China Photosensitive Society, explained the development trend of domestic and foreign UV curing technology and industry – technology and challenges. It includes a variety of light curing technologies, on-site curing and repair of urban drainage pipelines, outdoor anti-aging UV coatings, UV 3D printing, UV LED curing initiation system, domino light curing, research and development and high-end application of antifouling UV coatings, shark skin like UV coatings, and the latest research. The contents are detailed and highly praised.

Mr. He Bin, the engineer of Dena Tianyin Marketing Department, described the research progress of active diluents for UV curing coatings, including methyl allyl monoether, binary methyl allyl ether, dimethyl allyl ether of diols or polyols, methyl allyl glycidyl ether, etc., and cited application examples.

Mr. Li Baichuan of Binkai (Shanghai) Chemical Trade Co., Ltd. introduced the development trend of UV coatings and UV color paste, including the disadvantages of UV coatings and their solutions. He said: At present, the global output value of radiation curing products accounts for 1.72~2.0% of industrial coating products, while the proportion of China’s UV curing products is still relatively low, so China’s UV curing coatings have huge market potential.

The conference focused on water-based and UV coatings and attracted many representatives of wood coating manufacturers to attend, including Akzo Nobel, COSCO Kansai, Nippon, Kefer, Aishide, PPG Industry, Vesper, Xuanwei, Jotun, Kashibuhui, Yongji Paint, Carpoli, Metus, Bauhinia, Dabao, Clivia, Changrunfa, Chenyang Paint, Zhanchen and other leading manufacturing enterprises will gather in full dress. Once again, I would like to thank the colleagues who participated in the 2015 Industrial Coatings Innovation Technology Application Seminar and provided us with rich information. I am very glad to participate in this discussion and exchange opportunity.

Thank you very much for the sponsors of this conference, including CNNC Titanium Dioxide, Dena International, Ouxiangi, Gongyao International, Zhejiang Fenghong, Naomi Technology, Nubili, Nupesi, Cabot, Pioneer Chemical, Heraeus, Hongyang Chemical, Binkai Chemical, Jintuan, New Political Star, Yike Chemical, Tianshi Wax Powder, Shiming Technology, Tongde Chemical, Tiger Additives, Tonghua Bangxin, etc. Special thanks to YIKE Chemical YCK, the gift sponsor of this conference, for providing 2 iPhones 6 and 2 iWatches for the raffle.