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Shanghai Yike Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., a branch invested by YCK Canada in China, is fully responsible for the sales and technical support of YCK chemical additives in China. At present, YCK chemical additives have been widely used in coatings, printing ink, leather, plastics, energy and other industries. From the very beginning of its establishment, Shanghai Yike Chemical Co., Ltd. has established a perfect after-sales service system, adhering to YCK’s professional spirit of “taking the success of customers as its own responsibility”. In order to provide customers with quick, timely and satisfactory technical support, the company has set up representative offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu respectively, equipped with laboratories and a group of engineers with years of experience as technical service and support centers in various regions.


Recently, Shanghai Yike Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. grandly launched a new brand – Vetyl. Vetyl, formerly located in Virginia, has more than 90 years of experience in automotive additive research and development. Yike introduced Vetyl series fuel additive raw materials in the United States. After three years of research, development and unremitting testing by Vetyl’s technical department, it finally launched Vetyl gasoline additives that meet the needs of the domestic market. Vetyl gasoline detergent adopts a unique PEA (high-purity polyether amine) formula to effectively remove carbon deposits from automobiles. The production implementation standard GB19592-2004 is adopted to meet the national requirements.

We develop the world’s leading fuel additives to help you achieve business, and competitive products to achieve market share growth, or better products to develop more well-known brands.

1、 Development of gasoline detergent

Adding effective detergents to vehicle gasoline is an effective way to improve the performance of automobile engines and control pollutant emissions. So far, five generations of gasoline detergents have been produced to adapt to different engine types.

The first generation is a detergent used to solve the problem of carburetor deposits in the mid-1950s. Its main agents are low relative molecular weight compounds containing nitrogen such as amino and amide;

The second generation is a detergent suitable for engine fuel electronic injection system introduced in the mid-1980s to solve the problem of nozzle carbon deposition (PFI). The main type of detergent is traditional amine compounds;

The third generation is a detergent for IVD. The main type of detergent is polymeric dispersant with the highest molecular weight, such as polyisobutylene succinimide, etc;

The fourth generation is a detergent which can inhibit combustion chamber sediment (CCD), and its main types are polyisobutylene succinimide, polyisobutylene amine, etc;

The 5th generation gasoline detergent is a detergent that can reduce the deposits in the combustion chamber, and its main type is polyether amine, etc It can be seen from the change of main agent types that polyether amine is gradually becoming the main agent of gasoline detergent. This is because polyether amine has a special chemical structure and good detergency, which can more effectively control the formation of intake valve deposits and combustion chamber deposits. In recent years, the development and application of polyether amine detergents have attracted more and more attention from foreign researchers

2、 Vetyl Safety:

At Vetyler, we believe that safety is the first, and we regard safety as the responsibility of every employee.

All employees of Vetyl are responsible for their own safety and the safety of their colleagues. We actively participate in teamwork to prevent accidents and demonstrate the benefits of safety through intervention and example.

Because safety performance is the overall performance index of our company, we have formulated a health, safety, environmental protection and safety management plan, which touches every aspect of our company. We have adopted the responsibility care plan formulated by foreign chemical committees, and effectively managed our operations and products in strict accordance with REACH standards.

Since the implementation of the plan, our safety record has been widely recognized, effectively reducing and preventing injuries.

In addition to improving safety in the workplace, we extend this commitment to the communities in which we operate. Vetyler people work hard and continue to move towards our vision of “no accident, no harm or no harm to the environment”, and publicly report our global health, safety and environmental performance. We firmly believe in leadership ethics that increasingly benefit society, economy and environment.

The safety objective provides a safe working environment and keeps the staff fulfilling their safety commitments

3、 The solution of Vetyl:

Vetyl is one of the world’s leading fuel performance additives. We realize that we need to understand the changing regulations, fuel specifications, alternative fuels and new engine technologies, and how these changes will affect your products and your customers’ experience. We have worked closely with OEMs in Detroit, Japan and Germany, and received useful feedback on vehicle selection and test design of new vehicles and engine technologies, including DIG engines, E85 vehicles, hybrid vehicles, HSDI diesel vehicles and emission control. Our patented detergent chemical process provides the basis for our products. Our fully scalable solutions meet all requirements for maintaining fuel cleanliness, including helping you meet regulatory requirements and supporting your performance claims on the latest fuels and engines in the market. Friction improvement is an important means to improve fuel economy and power recovery performance, which is why our R&D team is committed to developing the best solution in this field. Our detergents and friction improvement composite additives together constitute the best gasoline performance solution.

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