Yike Chemical launched an anti scratch/feel smoothing agent YCK-5040N

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On June 9, 2015, YCK-5040N, an anti scratch/hand feel smoothing agent, was introduced by Y.C.K., which is a polysiloxane additive that can improve the scratch resistance and smoothness of solvent based PU film.

See Table 1 for the physical properties of anti scratch/hand feel smoothing agent YCK-5040N.

Table 1 Physical Properties of Anti scratch/Hand feel Smoothing Agent YCK-5040N

It can improve the surface smoothness and scratch resistance of water-based and highly polar solvent based coatings.

It is especially suitable for improving the surface smoothness of PU wood varnish and color paint.

It has scratch resistance and can improve the “coin scratch” resistance of the paint film.

It has good compatibility and is almost compatible with all paint systems. It has a wide range of applications.

It can be used in most water-based industrial coatings and highly polar solvent coatings, and has little effect on the recoating performance.

The effective ingredients are higher than YCK-5040, and a very small amount can achieve a very good smoothing effect.

Anti scratch/hand feel smoothing agent YCK-5040N can be widely used in polyurethane coatings, furniture coatings, automotive coatings, industrial coatings and printing inks

About Y.C.K

Y. C.K. is located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, North America. With more than 20 years of experience, it has been committed to developing, producing and selling a series of organic functional silicon compounds and special products with unique patents. YCK brand series products provide services for coating, printing ink, plastics, textiles, automobile industry, pulp and paper making, civil and industrial cleaning, personal care and other industries.

About Shanghai Yike Chemical Technology Co., Ltd

Shanghai Yike Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., a branch invested by YCK Canada in China, is fully responsible for the sales and technical support of YCK chemical additives in China. At present, YCK chemical additives have been widely used in paint, ink, leather and plastic industries. Shanghai Yike Chemical Co., Ltd. has established a perfect after-sales service system, set up representative offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu respectively, equipped with laboratories and a group of engineers with years of experience, as the technical service and support center in various regions.

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