Beautifying film of leveling agent

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All the masters with coating construction experience know that annoying brush marks, orange peel and shrinkage are often found in the coating process, which seriously affects the beauty of the coating. Leveling agent can effectively solve this problem.

The perfect coating process should be that the wet coating film after construction can also flow to eliminate coating marks, and get a uniform and flat coating film after drying, which is called the leveling property of the coating.

Leveling agent is one of the raw materials of coatings often used in the production of coatings. Its function is to promote the gradual formation of a smooth and flat coating film during the drying process. The leveling agent is generally divided into silicone type leveling agent and acrylate type leveling agent.

Leveling agent can improve fluidity and prolong leveling time. It reduces the viscosity of the system by adjusting the solvent volatilization rate, thereby improving the fluidity of the paint; The leveling agent also increases the wettability of the substrate. Because of its strong penetration, it can increase the moisture content of the coated material. It can eliminate the gas contained in the coating as soon as possible, avoiding the phenomenon of film shrinkage and pinhole. The leveling agent can form a single molecular layer on the surface of the coating film to produce uniform surface tension. When the solvent volatilizes, the leveling agent will automatically produce a smooth, fine and uniform monolayer on the surface of the film, which improves the luster and beauty of the film. It can be said that leveling agent is an important raw material to improve the appearance of coatings.

The effect of silicone leveling agent depends on the chemical structure of the resin and the amount used. For example, the molecular weight of the resin and the type of silicone group will affect its effect. The test results show that the dosage of silicone leveling agent as the raw material of coating has strict requirements, and excessive addition will cause side effects, such as shrinkage cavity, poor adhesion and poor repainting performance. Therefore, the selection of leveling agent must be determined according to the specific coating product, and then by screening the type and dosage of leveling agent.

Acrylate leveling agent plays an important role in the surface smoothness of the film. It increases the wettability by reducing the surface tension. Due to its limited compatibility with the resin used for coating, it can be suspended to the surface of the coating film in a very short time to form a layer of monomolecular layer, ensuring the uniformity of the surface tension of the coating film and making the coating film smooth and flat.